1st World WOIS Jamboree


Our first World Jamboree is close and therefore we present everything you need to know to be part of it, the date will be from February 12, 2020 until February 23, keep in mind that if you are a recipient of the program you will part of your national delegation and if you are an adult either collaborator or program here you will see everything concerning to make your participation.

Event Programme

Event Organisation

Event Programme

Here you have the first Handbook of a total of three (3) that we will have at your disposal to be well prepared to our WOIS World Jamboree, here you will have all the operative information to conform very well your delegation, Delegation Head Friend, Friend Scouter that you wish This is part of your necessary literature that you will use in our world event.

Detailed information of the Jamboree

Outdoor Activities Badge

Here you can register for all the activities of the jamboree and opt for this badge of the event

Event Cost

The costs of participation in our global event

Registration Form

Forms Part of a WOIS Member Organization, well here your head of delegation can download the registration form to the event

​After filling out the forms you must send them by email to [email protected]

International Service Team

You are not a member of a WOIS delegation but you want to help here is your opportunity to be a member of the World Service team of the Event, filling out the form that we present below

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