The World Scout Commission is responsible for monitoring the postulates on which our institution rests worldwide, ensures that the objectives and goals of WOIS are fulfilled in the field of activities for young people, is the commission responsible for The supervision of the assembly of world events such as:
1.-World Jamborees.
2.-Moot World
3.-World Youth Forum.
For a year this commission is being led by Scouter Rodrigo Melgar of the sister Republic of Uruguay


The World Commission on Adult Training is responsible for implementing the scheme Gilwell to all our associates, no interference has formal training in each country provided you keep the postulates of Gilwell Scheme, has a World Team composed of Representatives Training Heads of deputies and Assistants Field country Heads member countries that are previously collaborated on training course for trainers or trainers.
This committee is responsible for the supervision and installation of TTT course in WOIS member countries.
Since 2011 this global commission is lead by the Agustin Soto Scouter VENEZUELA.

The World Electronic Media Commission

The World Electronic Media Commission is in charge of assembly of the entire communication system of our global institution, is a strategic communications unit that has as its primary objective information both from our World Wide Web as our social networks, currently and seeing the importance of this strategic area, is lead directly by the World Committee WOIS in consensus by all members at the first meeting of the committee in July Past

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